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A treasure trove of tips & tricks to launch + grow your podcast

If you’re a boss that wants to launch a podcast or already have one that you’re ready to grow, this secret podcast is for you! I’ll not only be sharing my personal tips & tricks on storytelling, content marketing, and of course podcasting, but will also cover chats with experts to help you grow your audience, impact, and business.

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Examples of what you'll get to tune into

Inspiring interviews:

  • Attracting news listeners for your podcast on social media with Sarah Lynn Wallace
  • Growing your podcast through Pinterest with Meagan Williamson
  • Promoting yourself on a podcast the non-sleazy way with Heather Sager
  • Building your podcast website with Shannon Mattern
  • How to speak up to create change with VP Wright
  • Running a business + podcast as a busy mom with Kendra Swalls
  • Finding your voice in a sea of other people's opinions with Hayley Luckadoo
  • How to start AND grow your podcast | Social Scholars Podcast interview
  • Pitching yourself as a podcast guest with Angie Trueblood
  • Using storytelling in sales with Clare Cui
  • Behind the scenes of a podcast launch with Amanda Kerin
  • What does it mean to be unignorable? | The Unignorable Podcast interview
  • Ethical storytelling with Cassandra Le
  • Communicating boundaries & limits with Maggie Giele
  • Storytelling in course creation with Mariana Peña
  • The Ukrainian invasion + showing up in your business with Alisa Kay
  • From hiding to stepping into visibility: Neža Krek's podcast launch deconstructed

Actionable advice:

  • Podcast launch expectations vs. reality
  • How to change your mindset about tech & tools
  • 3 tips for interviews that flow & stand out
  • Top tips for doing live recordings
  • 5 tips to be more effective when working from home
  • 7 things to ask yourself before you launch a podcast
  • 3 tips to shift your content creation mindset from to-do to to-love
  • Your guide to finding & owning your story
  • 5 steps to share & spread your story
  • How to monetize your podcast
  • Collaborating with an audio publisher to grow your platform
  • 4 tips for a podcast launch party that makes a splash
  • Creating a newsletter welcome series that connects & converts
  • The wrong way to talk to your dream listeners
  • Designing your podcast cover art don'ts
  • 3 reasons to publish new episodes during the holidays
  • 4 tips to crush your goals + enjoy the process
  • It's going to take longer than you think - and that's okay
  • 3 reasons NOT to launch a secret podcast
  • What restaurants can teach you about content creation
  • The most important question to ask when creating your strategy
  • Fast & easy should be reserved for fast food joints: An unpopular opinion about creating content
  • 3 reminders if you're (fearing) feeling boxed in
  • 5 ways to spice up your podcast

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